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About the Professional Competence Scheme

The ICGP operates a professional competence scheme (PCS) for GPs under arrangement with the Irish Medical Council (IMC).

As of May 2011, all doctors on the Medical Council register are legally obliged to maintain their professional competence by enrolling in professional competence schemes and following requirements set by the Medical Council.

You can contact us at or call us on 01 676 3705 and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note that the current professional competence year runs until 30 April 2020.

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Do all doctors need to meet the PCS requirement annually?

Yes. The annual PCS requirements apply to all doctors, regardless of working status. If you do have shortfalls in a particular PCS year, you are required to make these up the following year. » read more

How do I answer the question about CPD requirements on the Medical Council annual retention of registration form?

On the Medical Council retention of registration form, you will be asked to confirm that you are maintaining your professional competence pursuant to CPD requirements. You should answer this question based on the activity you have recorded for the 2018/19 PCS year. » read more

How is the ICGP involved in PCS?

The ICGP, under Arrangement with the Irish Medical Council, operates a Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) to support and assist registered medical practitioners with enrolling on a Scheme and meeting the annual Scheme requirements. » read more

I have not recorded my requirements for the 2018/19 PCS year. What happens now?

If you have not recorded your requirements for the 2018/19 year, the Medical Council will contact you to advise you of this. They will ask you to contact the ICGP who will offer assistance with meeting your requirements for the 2019/20 year. » read more

Is there information regarding the Professional Competence Scheme available for patients?

Yes. The Medical Council have a booklet available for patients which includes information on what the Scheme involves and how it may impact them. » read more

What PCS information will the Medical Council ask me for?

When you are completing your annual retention of registration form this year, the Medical Council will ask you to confirm the following information » read more

What are the mandatory annual Professional Competence Scheme requirements?

All doctors registered with the Irish Medical Council and based in Ireland for 30 days or more in a PCS year are obliged to record the following requirements annually. » read more

What does my annual PCS fee cover?

Your annual PCS fee of €240 covers systems and services to support and assist you in maintaining your professional competence. » read more

What is involved in Professional Competence Schemes?

Professional Competence Schemes are designed to promote self-directed and practice-based learning activities rather than supervised training. » read more

What is my Statement of Participation?

Your Statement of Participation is your proof of engagement with a professional competence scheme. » read more

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