About the Professional Competence Scheme

The ICGP operates a professional competence scheme (PCS) for GPs under arrangement with the Irish Medical Council (IMC).

As of May 2011, all doctors on the Medical Council register are legally obliged to maintain their professional competence by enrolling in professional competence schemes and following requirements set by the Medical Council.

You can contact us at professionalcompetence@icgp.ie or call us on 01 676 3705 and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note that the current professional competence year runs until 30 April 2018.

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Audit: Meeting the requirements

Q. I have been selected for an audit by the Medical Council. I'm not sure what I need to send them? » read more

CPD Activities: Recording Credits

Q. Should I record all credits acquired through my engagement in CPD activity or just the minimum requirements? » read more

Compliance: Annual PC required

Q. I thought professional competence compliance was over a five-year cycle? » read more


Q. Part 11 of the Medical Practitioners Act includes specific provisions to preserve confidentiality of information relating to professional competence schemes. » read more

Credits: Can I carry them over?

Q. Can I carry over credits from one year to the next? » read more

Do I send my annual participation statement in with my registration documents?

No, you do not need to send this statement in with your registration documents. » read more

Finished training: When to enrol in PCS

Q. I have just finished a training scheme. When do I need to enrol on a professional competence scheme and what are the requirements? » read more

How long should records/evidence be kept for?

A. At present, Professional Competence Schemes have a 5 year cycle and therefore all records and documentary evidence must be kept for this 5 year period and for 1 further year. » read more

How protected/confidential will the data collected through professional competence process be?

A. Will this information be legally privileged? Will it be subject to FOI requests or requests for legal disclosure, either through the PGTB or through the Medical Council? administration, monitoring and audit of the Professional Competence Scheme. » read more

I am not clear what I need to do to maintain my competence

A. All doctors in the general and specialist division of the register have a duty to maintain professional competence by enrolling in a professional competence scheme and engaging in maintenance of professional competence activities which are relevant to their practice. » read more

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