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ICGP Careers

The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) is the professional body for general practice in Ireland. Its core work involves education, training and research in general practice. The college is based in Lincoln Place, Dublin 2. The College's primary aim is to serve the patient and the general practitioner by encouraging and maintaining the highest standards of general medical practice. It is the representative organisation on education, training and standards in general practice.

ICGP Fellow - GP care of Nursing and Care Home residents/patients

The Fellow will support General Practitioners in the provision of care to patients/residents in nursing and care homes. » read more

ICGP/HSE Primary Care Leads for Integrated Care Programmes (PCLIC)

The role of the PCLIC is to deliver clinical leadership reflecting the discipline of general practice in the context of integrated GP led primary care. » read more

ICGP Medical Director

The ICGP Medical Director will have a central role in all major clinical developments in each area in order to provide leadership, oversight, co-ordination/integration, evaluation and support at strategic level and also at an operational level as appropriate. » read more