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19 November 2015
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Dementia Elevator Programme: Coping Skills For Families And Carers

The Dementia Elevator team has announced the availability on their website of a free programme called Dementia Elevator Programme: Coping Skills For Families And Carers. See for details.

The programme was developed to support and educate families and carers who care for a person with dementia. It aims to enable families and carers to recognise the emotions, goals and coping strategies of the person with dementia. It will enable participants to develop a suite of psychosocial skills in emotional and cognitive approaches to support these while practicing self-care.

The programme was developed in close collaboration with a group of family carers who shared their experiences in a number of filmed interviews.

This comprehensive programme requires a total duration of approximately four hours to complete. However, the actual time to complete the programme can vary across users, as the content within each chapter is flexible and can be used as a stand-alone education.

The programme consists of an introduction and five chapters. Each chapter is further subdivided into at least three sections.

This resource is accompanied by a reflection journal, guiding users to apply and reflect upon the aspects of the education relevant to their specific situation. Furthermore, it aims to demonstrate practical and applicable skills through:

  • Interviews with family carers, people with dementia and professionals
  • Video examples of using the skills in everyday situations
  • The exploration of the theory of psychosocial approaches to support a person with dementia