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LARC Tutor

The ICGP Advanced Certificate in LARC is awarded to GPs and GP Trainees who receive training in LARC techniques from a recognised ICGP LARC tutor. View more information on the ICGP Advanced Certificate in LARC.

GP Trainers and GPs working in training practices and family planning clinics can become a recognised ICGP LARC tutor by attending an ICGP LARC Tutor course.

To become a LARC Tutor or to renew your status as LARC Tutor you must:

  1. complete the Contraception Tutor course
  2. hold an ICGP Advanced Certificate in LARC
  3. complete the LARC Tutor Course
  4. currently provide LARC insertions/removals in practice.

Register for the LARC Tutor course, which is available to ICGP Members and Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) enrollees. 

On-going education

LARC Tutors are expected to attend ongoing education to update their knowledge. Further information will be provided here in the coming weeks.

ICGP Registered LARC Tutors

In order to remain as a registered LARC Tutor, it is necessary to complete a LARC Tutor course at least once every 5 years. Advanced Certificate in LARC applicants must check that their tutor is on the Registered ICGP LARC Tutor by contacting

Tutor Directory

The ICGP will maintain a directory of registered Contraception & LARC Tutors. This directory is opt-in for registered Tutors to improve accessibility for applicants to Tutors. Applicants can contact to request information on Tutors in their area.