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General Practice

Author: Murtagh, John

Publication Year: 1998


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Part 1: The basis of general practice
Part 2: Diagnostic perspective in general practice
Part 3: Problem solving in general practice
Part 4: Child and adolescent health
Part 5: Women's health
Part 6: Men's health
Part 7: Sexually related problems
Part 8: Problems of the skin
Part 9: Common continuing management problems
Part 10: Accident and emergency medicine
Part 11: Aboriginal health
Part 12: Everyday practice tips

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Keywords cerebrovascular disorders, cervical cancer, chemotherapy, behaviour disorders, bladder cancer, bone cancer, bowel disorders, brain cancer, breast cancer, cancer, cancer care, cancer complications, cancer nursing, cancer pain, cancer patients, cancer research, cancer treatment, carbohydrate metabolism disorders, adolescent patients, adolescent psychiatry, prostate cancer, prostate disorders, reading disorders, renal cancer, psychological processes disorders, psychosomatic disorders, personality disorders, uterine cancer, vascular diseases, vision disorders, women's health, young people, communication disorders, congenital disorders, child disorders, child psychiatry, cognition disorders, colorectal cancer, bt speech disorders, erythrocyte disorders, eating disorders, disorders, sleep disorders, speech disorders, stomach cancer, stomach disorders, traumatic disorders, teenage pregnancy, testicular cancer, respiration disorders, respiratory tract diseases, sex disorders, skin cancer, urination disorders, metabolic disorders, genetic disorders, movement disorders, gynaecologic cancer, intestinal cancer, neonatal disorders, nervous system diseases, neuromuscular disorders, language disorders, female reproductive disorders, liver cancer, lung cancer, male reproductive disorders, gastrointestinal cancer, nutrition and diet disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, health services for children, oesophageal cancer, oral cancer, hearing disorders, ovarian cancer, paediatric cancer, paediatric cancer care, paediatric cancer nursing, hereditary disorders, memory disorders, mens health, menstruation disorders, mental disorders, pancreatic cancer, general practice
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Classification general practice
Edition second
ISBN 0074704362
Pages 1260
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