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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about using the Library Services.  If you can't find the answer to your question below or, you have suggestions which might help others please contact

Q. How can I locate an ICGP publication or Forum journal article?

A. You can search the online ICGP Library Catalogue (a searchable repository of all ICGP resources, Forum journal articles and any publications of relevance to GPs from external organisations) via Library Home. There is also a handy listing of 'ICGP Publications' and if you know the Forum journal issue you require, you can go directly to the issue by clicking 'Forum Journal' found under the Browse section.

Q. What is the difference between searching and browsing?

A. To 'search' the catalogue you need to enter some search terms or keywords to indicate the area you would like to explore. The 'browse' facility means that you can see the entire listing of the 'recently-added items' or the 'ICGP Resources' without having to enter search terms or keywords.

Q. What are the main types of search available in the library catalogue?
A. Below is a brief explanation of each of the searches and filters available:

Standard Search

The standard search allows you to find items by matching your search term against the Titles, Authors and other attributes of each catalogue item.

Search Filters

You can apply a filter to your search to allow you to limit the results which match your search term. Different filters are available for each of the main sections of the library system. Below is a list of filter options for each section of the library:

Main Search Filters:

  • Format (Audio-Visual, Download, Print or Weblink)
  • Item Type (Catalogue Items, Research Listings)

Catalogue Filters:

  • Author
  • Year (of publication)
  • Format (Audio-Visual, Download, Print or Weblink)
  • Publisher
Q. How does the Saved Searches feature work?
A. When performing a search or advanced search you can save your search term and any filters you have applied creating your own list of saved searches giving the saved search a title so you can recognise it again.  This allows you to perform the search again by visiting the My Library section and clicking on the title of your saved search.
Q. How do I find publications that I can download?
A. You can use the 'Filters' option available below the search box on each page. 

The Filters option looks like this:

Click the 'Filters' option and choose your filter criteria from the lists then click the 'Apply' button to view the filtered search results.

In the case of restricting your search to items that are available for download you would choose the filter 'Format' and the option 'Download' as shown here:

Q. Some items are only available as printed copies or are books, how do I request a copy of an item which is only available as a print copy?
A. When you have found the item you want to request you can view the detail of the item and there will be a 'Request this item' option near the top of the detail page as shown below:

You need to be registered and logged in to use the Request feature if you click this option when you are not logged-in you will be required to log-in or register and these options will be presented to you if you try to use the feature when not logged in.

The Request feature allows you to specify whether you want a printed copy or to borrow a book and allows you to specify other details of your request.  Once you have submitted your request it will be processed by our library staff.
Q. When I perform a search some items are 'greyed-out' and I can't view the detail of the item, why is this?
A. Some items have restricted access, you need to be logged in to identify you as a member and you need to have access to an item to view its details.
Q. How can I find out if the ICGP holds a particular journal?

A.  You can use the A-Z journals Portal to view a list of the current journals that the ICGP library subscribes to. Simply click on the 'ICGP Journals' link located beneath the Resources section via Library Home.

The ICGP A-Z Journals Portal lists all print and electronic titles held in the Library, and is available only to ICGP Members and staff. For further information, check out the 'Quick Guide to ICGP A-Z Journals Portal'. A short link to the A-Z journals Portal is also available

Q. How can I order an article from the library?

A.  You can telephone, fax or email the library with your request. If the article is available in the ICGP we will endeavour to process your request asap. Most articles are now available online via the A-Z Journals Portal so you can access them directly on your own PC. If the article is not available in-house, we can order the article via inter-library loan from our external sources. However the requester MUST sign an inter-library loan copyright form before any article can be ordered. This form can be found on the Library Homepage. Please note that charges apply for this service and will be passed onto the requestor: Irish Libraries €5. Subito €10. British Library €15. (usually 5-10 days for article to be received).

Q. How can I find useful databases so I can perform a literature search?
A.  Links to three of the most useful and relevant free databases for general practice - PubMed, TRIP and LENUS - are available via the Library Homepage as shown below. Just click on the appropriate icon to link directly to the database required. You can also view some handy tips by clicking the 'Databases' link located beneath the Resources section via Library Home. 

Q. Is training on searching for information available?

A.  Yes, you can check out the Information Skills Module – a fully online eLearning course available 24/7 at a time convenient to you. It is free to all members and you will receive a Certificate for 3 external CPD credits once you have passed the MCQ test.  If you need further assistance, you can contact the Librarians to arrange an appointment for a one-to-one session.

Q. How do I find out more about Forum Journal?
A. Click here for the section About Forum including background information and guidelines for authors.
Q. What is the ICGP research listing and how do I access it?

A. The ICGP research listing is a central database created with the aim of providing a basic listing for current and recent Irish general practice research. It was developed by the ICGP library and director of research, Dr Claire Collins. It contains summary details of general practice research in progress and research completed in 2000 or later (regardless of start date). Each listing provides the following details about the research project:

  • Contact details of researcher(s).
  • Title of project.
  • Year.
  • Details of publication (if any).
  • Progress status of the research.

This listing can be viewed via the ICGP library catalogue by anyone (i.e. members and the public) interested in research in general practice in Ireland. If you find research projects that interest you and you wish to find out more or wish to identify possible collaborators for similar projects, the person listed for the project in the database can be contacted directly.

Click here to View the Research Listing

Q. How do I submit a research listing?

A. Anyone interested in providing information on their research can simply complete the online submission form below. Entries are voluntarily submitted by the researchers conducting the project. It is the responsibility of researchers to ensure the details submitted are correct and are updated as required. Contact details (excluding email addresses) will be on public access so please provide details as appropriate. The ICGP takes no responsibility for content, accuracy or completeness of this research listing.

Click here to Submit to the Research Listing

Q. What are CME Bids?

A. The CME bids are accessible online but only to CME tutors. This is a private CME tutor network facility and their material is only available for other tutors. The library catalogue is simply being used as a facility to store/retrieve their bid material. Bids are accessed by logging in with tutor ID and PIN.

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