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Does small group CME address the needs of GPs in rural communities? Dowling, Stephanie Marie Elizabeth 2019 UCD School of Medicine
Survey of use of 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring amongst General Practitioners in the Midlands Dr. Deirdre Searson 2014
Cardiac Screening of Athletes in General Practice- A Feasibility Study Dr. Ciaran O’Fearraigh, D. MC ENIFF, K. HANLEY, , M. WARD, E. SHEEY, S. DAVID 2014
An Audit on adherence to the STOPP protocol as set out in STOPP START Guidelines in Castlegregory Medical Centre Brid Walsh, Anthony Sills 2014
Resuscitation decisions in long term care facilities in Cork Dr Michelle Coakley 2014
Measuring the Impact of Establishing a Chronic Disease Register in General Practice on Indices of Patient Care and Practice Performance Dr. Paul Hickey 2014
Assessment of documentation of individual risk factors for complications in patients with type 2 diabetic mellitus and actual risk of a cardiovascular event Dr. Michelle Quinlan 2014
Are we appropriately investigating Urinary Tract Infections in Adult Women? Dr. Clodagh Buckley, Dr. Ursula Scullion 2014
Management of urinary tract infection in females aged 16-65 in Primary Care Dr. Louise Fullam, D. Mathews, A. Moloney, M. Marti 2014
Screening of Child Health in General Practice-Development of a screening tool Dr. Julie O’Connor 2014
A Study of the Parental Perception of Childhood Weight and Assessment of Related Obesity Risks. Dr. Imelda Hackett 2014
Knowledge of and attitudes to HIV in General Practice Dr. Ruth Naughton 2014
Investigation of Vitamin B 12 deficiency- Can we improve our current practice? Dr. Amy Carolan 2014
An audit of influenza vaccine uptake amongst pregnant women attending for combined antenatal care in an urban General Practice setting Dr. Nathan Wall 2014
Supporting communication in cross-cultural primary care consultations: implementing guidelines and training initiatives Dr. Sinead Murphy & Mr. Andy Taylor Co-authors; Tomas de Brún, Mary O’Reilly de Brún, Anne MacFarlane 2014
Emergency and Urgent Care in Ireland; what is the role of General Practice? Dr. Claire Buckley 2014
Practical application of home blood pressure monitoring in General Practice Dr Yvonne Ryan. Co-authors: Y Keenan , P Fowler, S Prosser 2014
Falls Prevention in Elderly Inpatient Psychiatric Population - Falls Risk Assessment and Reduction Dr. Sara O’Kelly & Dr. Jane Finucane 2014
Timing of Access to Healthcare Services and Lower Limb Amputations in Patients with Diabetes; A case-control study C. M. Buckley, F. Ali , G. Roberts , P. M. Kearney , I. J. Perry , C. P. Bradley 2014
A Study of Erectile Dysfunction in Male Diabetic Patients in General Practice Dr. Rosemarie Grant 2014

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