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Design of ICGP leadership for General Practice Dermot Folan 2013
Care of Type 2 Diabetes in General Practice. Current state and perceived barriers to change. Ray O'Connor 2013
Paediatrics and child health in General Practice. The trainees perspective Julie O'Connor 2013
Does the health professional’s admission test predict performance in undergraduate tests of communications and clinical skills? An observational cohort study Maureen Kelly 2013
Establishing and Maintaining Educational and Safety Standards in teaching general practices.- The EMESS Project Aidan Culhaine 2013
Patient Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Dementia Screening in an Irish Primary Care Setting Audrey Russell 2013
General Practice in Areas of Deprivation in Ireland Susan Smith 2013
The feasibility of structured cardiac screening of athletes in General Practice in Ireland Ciaran O'Fearraigh 2013
The feasibility of structured cardiac screening of athletes in General Practice in Ireland Ciaran O'Fearraigh 2013
“General Practioners and exercise. Is it time to self-prescribe?” David Keohane 2013
Where should long-term conditions be managed? The patients’ perspective Karen Browne 2013
Exploring experiences of close family and friends following loss by suicide in order to improve GP management of suicide bereavement. Dr Mairead Nic An Fhaili 2013
Description of the Impact of an Unplanned Closure of a Regional Hospital on Patient Care - a Mixed Methods Case Study. Dr Mona O'Boyle 2013
Health Behaviours and Response to Stress among NCHDs - Barriers and Solutions Dr Neasa O'Keefe 2013
Knowledge of and attitudes to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in the community Dr Orlaith Finucaine 2013
A Survey of Irish General Practitioners’ Sick Certification Practices and Attitudes Towards the Introduction of a Fitness-to-work Certificate. Dr Romaine King 2013
Does participation in Continuing Medical Education Small Group Learning (CME-SGL) influence medical practice? The experience of Irish doctors Dr Stephanie Dowling 2013
Study of doctors’ motivation in attending externally provided educational activities Doreen Myers 2013
GP surveys on Medical Fitness to Drive Guidelines Corina Naughton-ICS survey 2013
Physical Activity Assessment and Promotion in Primary Care Heron N, McKinley M, Tully MA, Cupples ME 2013 ICGP

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