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Getting Health Economics into Practice

Author: Kernick, David

Publication Year: 2002


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Section 1: Getting to grips with the basics
1. An Introduction to health economics
2. Understanding healthcare delivery: the economic contribution
3. Using health economics to facilitate decision making: The basics of economic evaluation

Section 2: Aspects of health economics
4. How much should we spend on healthcare and how should we distribute it?
5. Measuring the economic burden of illness
6. Challenge of integrating health and social care: the economist's perspective
7. A principal-agent perspective on clinical governance
8. Transaction cost economics

Section 3: Aspects of economic evaluation
9. Costing interventions in healthcare
10. Measuring the outcomes of a healthcare intervention
11. Undertaking economic evaluations
12. Using information from economic evaluations

Section 4: Getting economic evaluation into practice
13. Pharmacoeconomics
14. Economic evaluation and doctor/nurse skill mix
15. Economic evaluation of shifts in services from secondary to primary care
16. Applying economic evaluation to complementary and alternative medicine
17. Using economic evaluation at grass roots level
18. Programme budgeting and marginal analysis: a pragmatic approach to economic evaluation

Section 5: Health Economic and Rationing
19. Healthcare rationing: An introduction
20. Making decisions at a national level: a NICE experience?
21. Obtaining the views of the public: using conjoint analysis studies when elicting preferences in healthcare
22. Making the trade-off between efficiency and equity
23. Patients' rights. NHS rationing and the law

Section 6: Health Economic: some perspectives
24. The Philosophical and methodological basis of health economics
25. Economic evaluation and general practice
26. Being happy as ugly ducklings and not swans: the health authority perspective
27. Realistic ways to understand economic decisions: the sociologist's perspective
29. Thinking it through: a philosphical perspective
30. Health economics and insights from complexity theory
31. Health econmoics: continuing imperialism?
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Keywords economic competition, economic conditions, economic cooperation, economic crises, economic depression, economic development, economic efficiency, economic evaluation, economic factors, economic geography, economic planning, economic policy, economic research, economic surveys, economic systems, economic theory, economics, health economics, nursing economics, hospital economics
Publisher Radcliffe Medical Press
Classification economic factors
ISBN 1857755758
Pages 358
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