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Medicine in Old Age

Author: British Medical Journal

Publication Year: 1974


Treatment of the "Irremediable" Elderly Patient
Drug Therapy in the Elderly
Cardiovascular Disease in the Old
Urinary Tract Diseases
Care of the Elderly in General Practice
Non-specific Presentation of Illness
Diet in the Elderly
Role of Day Hospital Care
Anaemia in the Elderly
Problems of Interpretation of Laboratory Findings in the Old
Mental Disturbances in the Ill Old Person
Skeletal Disease in the Elderly
Dementia in the Elderly: Diagnosis and Assessment
Dementia in the Elderly: Management
Diseases in the Motor System
Accidental Hypothermia
Rehabilitation of the Elderly
Disturbances of the Special Senses and other Functions
Gastrointestinal Problems in Old Age - Part I
Gastrointestinal Problems in Old Age - Part II
Geriatric Orthopaedics
Endocrine Disorders in the Elderly

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Keywords psychology of older people, pre senile dementia, dementia, residential care of older people, senile dementia, nursing homes for older people, nursing older people, health services for older people, old peoples homes, older patients, older people, housing for older people
Publisher British Medical Journal
Classification health services for older people
ISBN 0900221933
Pages 178
Categories: Books
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