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Annotated Bibliography of Drug Misuse in Ireland

Author: O'Brein, Aoife; Moran, Rosalyn; O'Brein, Mary

Publication Year: 2000


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Keywords central nervous system drugs, anti coagulant drugs, psychotropic drugs, pharmaceutical services, pharmacodynamics, pharmacology, vegetable drugs, veterinary drugs, designer drugs, cytotoxic drugs, child proof drug containers, drug side effects, drug toxicology, drug trafficing, drug use, drugs, drugs control, dosage, drug abuse, drug addiction, drug addiction treatment, drug addicts, drug administration, drug adverse reactions, drug and alcohol abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, drug containers, drug information, drug interactions, drug regulations, non prescription drugs, mdma, overdosing
Publisher Drug Misuse Research Division/The Health Research Board
Classification drug abuse
ISBN 0951719394
Pages 171
Categories: Irish Content, Books
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