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Forum September 2002

Author: ICGP

Publication Year: 2002


Editorial: Quality care at all costs is a great aspiration but in the current economic climate, we might have to make the best of what we've got, Dr Niall Maguire
News: All-island survey to assess burden of gastroenteritis, Dedicated counsellor to join alcohol study practice, Asthma audit reveals poor control, One in two migraineurs not diagnosed, Cancer support programmes address gender imbalance
Cover Story: In the light of the recent publicity about the use of HRT, active and informed decision making in treating menopausal symptoms is very important, Dr Ailis Ni Riain
My Place: A look at an inner city practice which is literally out-the-door with patients and their diverse health and social problems, Anne Henrichsen
Psychiatry: The forthcoming ICGP conference on suicide will focus on the personal impact of suicide on GPs, Moira Cassidy
Open Forum: The influx of refugees to Ireland challenges the health service to adapt creatively to the changes required, Dr Yvonne Kearney
Et cetera: Miscellany of medical matters
Diary: Round up of meetings and events of interest to GPs
Nutrition: With correct follow-up and support, enteral feeding at home can be problem free, Sharon Madigan
Diabetes: Good control and management of blood glucose levels is the cornerstone of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes care, Dr Tony O'Sullivan
Clinical Review: The high incidence of haemochromatosis in Ireland makes a strong case for population screening
Clinical Review: The benefits of high-dose oral vitamin B12 therapy in treating vitamin B12 deficiency, Dr Dermot Nolan
Complementary Medicine: Patients are increasingly trying complementary therapy without informing their GPs, Dr Cormac O'Dubhghaill
Vaccination: Current thinking on achieving immunisation uptake targets, Emma McDermott and Alf Nicholson
Pharmaceutical Update: News from the industry
Clinical Review Service: A selection of reviews of papers from the world's leading medical journals
Distance Learning: COPD: The management of COPD in General Practice
Latham at Large: Taking time out from form filling and letter writing to dream, Dr John Latham
UK View: As we move away from the single-handed GP model to one based on partnerships, we experience some tension, Dr Rob Walker


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