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Research Methods in Education - Fifth edition

Author: Cohen, Louis; Manion, Lawerence; Morrison, Keith

Publication Year: 2000


List of boxes
Part 1: The Context of Educational Research
1. The Nature of Inquiry

Part 2: Planning Educational Research
2. The ethics of educational and social research
3. Research design issues: planning research
4. Sampling
5. Validity and reliability

Part 3: Styles of Educational research
6. Naturalistic and ethnographic research
7. Historical Research
8. Surveys, longitudinal, cross-sectional and trend studies
9. Case Studies
10. Correlational research
11. Ex post facto research
12. Experiments, quasi-experiments and single-case research
13. Action Research

Part 4: Strategies for Data collection and researching
14. Questionnaires
15. Interviews
16. Accounts
17. Observation
18. Tests
19. Personal Constructs
20. Multi-dimensional measurement
21. Role-Playing

Part 5: Recent Developments in education research
22. Recent developments


Format Print
Keywords case studies, activity sampling, planning, development, data collection, ethics, ex-post facto research, observation, historical research
Publisher RoutledgeFalmer
Classification development
Edition 5th Ed
ISBN 0415195411
Pages 446
Categories: Books
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