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Educating the Future GP: the course organizer's handbook

Author: McEvoy, Patrick

Publication Year: 1998


Part 1 First Steps
1. The needs of new course organizers
2. Starting up
3. What is a course organizer?
Part 2 The educational role of the course organizer
4. The course organizer as educator
5. Educational methods
6. Assessment in vocational training
7. summative assessment
8. Curriculum development
9. The perspective of the learning continuum
Part 3 The course organizer and group work
10. Group work
11. Group dynamics
Part 4 The SHO years
12. The hospital contribution to vocational training
Part 5 Managing vocational training
13. The two-session manager
14. Informatics and information
15. Administration of vocational training
16. Vocational training database
Part 6 Training for general practice: health for all?
17. General practice training: the wider context

Format Print
Keywords medical education
Publisher Radcliffe Medical Press
Classification medical education
Edition 2nd Ed
ISBN 1857752813
Pages 313
Categories: Reports
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