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Assessing health needs of people from minority ethnic groups

Author: Rawaf, Slaman; Bahl, Veena

Publication Year: 1998


Editors' introduction

Part 1 - Health Needs Assessment
1. Ethnic minority groups: National perspectives
2. Theoretical framework
3. Qualitative before Quantitative
4. Setting priorities for health care
5. Monitoring health status
6. Lifestyle and health choices
7. Health promotion - the Sandwell experience
8. Oral health
9. Sexual and reproductive health
10. Addictive behaviour
11. Primary health care
12. Genetic services
13. Infectious diseases
14. Women and children
15. Learning difficulties
16. The elderly
17. Heart Health
18. Breast cancer
19. Mental health
20. Refugees

Part 2 Consumer experience
21. The Machem experience
22. The Asian experience
23. The African refugee experience
24. The Chinese experience
25. Overview: assessing needs to Improve health

Format Print
Keywords breast cancer, refugees, clinical experience, genetics, minority ethnic groups, learning disabilities, older people, heart, mental health
Publisher Royal College of Physicians of London
Classification minority ethnic groups
ISBN 1860160581
Pages 363
Categories: Books
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