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The Irish Health System in the 21st Century

Author: Leahy, Austin L.; Wiley, Miriam M.

Publication Year: 1998


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Part one: The context of the Irish Health System
Chapter 1: Current structure of the Irish Health System - Setting the Context
Chapter 2: Reflections on Future Structures in the Health Services
Chapter 3: "A particular problem in the east..."
Chapter 4: Health Expenditure Trends in Ireland: Past, present and future
Chapter 5: The future political, legislative and social framework of the health services

Part two: Quality management
Chapter 6: Moving to a quality culture
Chapter 7: Risk management as a strategy for quality
Chapter 8: Quality of life assessment: An Important Indicator of Health gain
Chapter 9: Development and Assessment of Medical Technology

Part three: Changing sectoral demands
Chapter 10: Developments in the epidemiology of disease in the next century
Chapter 11: Population ageing, the elderly and health care
Chapter 12: Services for dementia sufferers and their carers: Implications for future development
Chapter 13: General practice developments: A primary care-led Irish Health System
Chapter 14: Nursing in 21st century Ireland: opportunities for transformation

Part four: Leadership
Chapter 15: Form follows function: adapting health management structures to achieve health and social gains
Chapter 16: Integrating doctors and managers
Chapter 17: Developing doctors' management skills

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