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Self-directed learning for GP's

Author: Spencer-Jones, Roland (ed);Education for General Practice

Publication Year: 1998


A self-directed learning movement
Self-directed learning-where now?
Self-directed learning: using patient simulations
The Derby MSc GP: flexable distance learning
The doctor, the patient and the supervisor
Multi-practice, self-directed learning groups in North Thames East region
Co-tutoring: peer-supported learning
Yorkshire personal education plan: report of a workshop
Implementing region-wide self-directed learning - the West midlands 'daisy chain project'
The introduction of personal learnin plans for general practitioners in Grampian region, orkney and shetland
Portfolio learning in general practice vocational training
Problem-based learning in palliative care - a group learning experience
The bromley medical audit advisory group (MAAG) in-practice educational advisor project - equipping primary health care team members to organize audit on behalf of their practices
Self-directed learning plans and computers
Self-directed learning - in a day?
Paradigm of continuing personal development for GP non-principals

Format Print
Keywords learning
Publisher Radcliffe Medical Press
Classification learning
Volume 9
Edition First
ISSN 1367-8523
Pages 48
Categories: Irish Content
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