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Will Pickles of Wensleydale The life of a Country Doctor

Author: Pemberton, John;Pereira Gray, Denis; Hunt, John H.

Publication Year: 1984


Medical student
Early years in general practice
The aysgarth practice before Will's time
Settling down is aysgarth
The first world war
The nineteen-twenties
New horizons
Growing reputation and epidemiology in country practice
The second world war
Post-war years and a visit to America
The national health service
Australia, new zealand and south africa
First president of the college of general practitioners
Second visit to North America
Holland and South America
Honoured in his own country
The last years

Format Print
Keywords medical staff
Publisher Royal College of General Practitioners
Classification medical staff
Edition First
ISBN 850-840-98-8
Pages 222
Categories: Books
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