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Profiles of General Practice in Europe An International Study of Variation in the Tasks of General Practitioners

Author: Boerma, Weinke G.W.

Publication Year: 2003


Problem, method and questions of the study
Service profiles of general practitioners in Europe
General practice in urban and rural Europe: the range of curative services
The general practitioner as the first contacted health professional by patients with psychosocial problems
Gender-related differences in the organisation and provision of services among general practitioners in Europe
Unity or diversity? Task profiles of general practitioners in central and eastern Europe
GP home visiting in 18 European countries
General practitioners' use of time and time management
Variation in workload and allocation of time under different payment systems in general practice
Summary and conclusions

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Keywords general practice
Publisher NIVEL
Classification general practice
Edition First
ISBN 90-6905-626-7
Pages 240
Categories: Reports
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