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The Saffron Guide to the Menopause

Author: The Saffron Initiative; The Irish College of General Practitioners

Publication Year: 2000


What exactly is the menopause?
When does it happen?
What are the symtoms?
Should I be concerned?
How can I relieve pain during sex?
What is osteoporosis?
What about coronary heart disease?
What is HRT?
What are the benefits of HRT?
What are the risks?
When should I start taking HRT?
Are tests needed before HRT is precribed?
How long does HRT treatment continue?
Will I still have periods while taking HRT?
Can I get pregnant while taking HRT?
Will HRT make me put on weight?
Can I take HRT if I have dometriosis?
What are the alternatives to HRT?
Where can I get further advice?

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Keywords menopause
Publisher Irish College of General Practitioners
Classification menopause
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Pages 8
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