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International Handbook of Research in Medical Education: Part 2

Author: Norman; Newbie; Van der Vleuten

Publication Year: 2002


Introduction and Foreword
Section 1: Research Traditions
1. Experimental Tradition
2. Qualitative Methods
3. Psychometric Methods
4. Program Evaluation

Section 2: Learning
5. The psychology of learning
6. Clinical Reasoning
7. Medical decision making
8. Individual differences in cognitive style, learning style and instructional preference in medical education
9. Critical thinking and critical appraisal

Section 3: The Educational Continuum
10. Student selection
11. Transitions in basic Medical Medical Science Teaching
12. Medical student clinical education
13. Postgraduate education
14. Continuing medical education

Section 4: Instructional Strategies
15. The role of the teacher-learner relationship in medical education
16. Simulations used to teach clinical skills
17. Computers in medical education
18. Distance Education and the health professions
19. Problem-based learning

Section 5: Assessment
20. Assessment of knowledge with written test forms
21. Clinical performance assessments
22. Assessment of non-cognitive factors
23. The use of computers in assessment
24. Assessment of Clinical performance: In-training evaluation
25. Combining tests and setting standards
26. Licensure and certification
27. Relicensure, recertification and practice-based assessment

Section 6: Implementing the Curriculum
28. Managing the curriculum and managing care
29. Faculty development for curricular implementation
30. Effective leadership for curricular change
31. Professional caring in the curriculum
32. Disseminating education research and implementing change in medical education environments
33. Achieving large-scale change in medical education
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Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Classification worldwide issues
Volume 7
ISBN 1402004664
Pages 1106
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