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Beyond Advice: 1. Becoming a Motivational Practitioner

Author: Bothelo, Rick;Skinner, Harvey

Publication Year: 2002


Permission to Reproduce
Personal Introduction
Introduction to the Book Series
How to Use this Book
Section I. Consider Changing Yourself Before Helping Others
1. When Giving Health Information and Advice Doesn't work
2. Contrasting the Fix-it and Motivational Roles
3. Adapting Your Role to Patients' Needs
4. Becoming Aware of Assumptions

Section II. Understanding Individual Change
5. Forces of Change
6. Understanding Resistance
7. Understanding Motivation
8. Overview of the Six-step Approach

Section III. Helping Patients Change: A Six-step Approach
9. Step 1: Building Partnerships
10. Step 2: Negotiating an Agenda
11. Step 3: Assessing Resistance and Motivation
12. Step 4: Enhancing Mutual Understanding
13. Step 5: Implementing a Plan for Change
14. Step 6: Following Through

Section IV. The Challenges of Implementing Comprehensive Behaviour Change Programs
15. Exploring How Worldviews Affect Our Approaches to Health Behavior Change
16. Exploring Different Kinds of Evidence

Format Print
Keywords behaviour modification, behaviour therapy, adaptation [behaviour], role analysis, roles, motivation, health behaviour, general practice
Publisher Motivate Healthy Habits
Classification health behaviour
Series Beyond Advice
Pages 255
Categories: Books
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