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Research Methods in Primary Care

Author: Carter, Yvonne (Eds.);Thomas, Cathryn

Publication Year: 1997


1. Why do research in primary care? - Richard Hobbs
2. How to identify a research question and get started - Colin Bradley
3. Writing a research proposal and getting funded - Yvonne Carter
4. Qualitative vs. quantitative research methods - Colin Bradley
5. Qualitative research methods - data collection and analysis - Liz Ross
6. Questionnaire design - Cathryn Thomas, Sheila Greenfield and Yvonne Carter
7. Coding and analysing data - John Skelton
8. Epidemiology and interpreting research studies - Dawood Dassu and Sue Wilson
9. Research ethics committees - Martin Kendall and Yvonne Carter
10. The role of the nurse in primary care research - Joyce Kenkre
11. Systematic reviews and meta-analysis - Tim Lancaster
12. Critical appraisal of literature - Cathryn Thomas
13. Mastering MEDLINE and managing references - Andy Wearn and David Rogers
14. The use of microcomputers in medical research - Michael Bannon
15. Online research - Martin Wilkinson
16. Getting published - John Skelton

Format Print
Keywords quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods, research
Publisher Radcliffe Medical Press
Classification research
ISBN 1857751981
Pages 185
Categories: Reports
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