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Primary Care in Practice: Integration is needed

Author: Capelli, O (Ed)

Publication Year: 2016


Chapter 1 Integrated Care for Chronic Diseases - State of the Art by O.Capelli, B. Quattrini, F. Abate, B. Casalgrandi and I. Cacciapuoti
Chapter 2 Promoting Self-Management and Patient Empowerment in Primary Care by Claire Collins and Andree Rochfort
Chapter 3 Integrated Care for Heart Failure in Primary Care by Monica Lorenzini, Caterina Ricci, Silvia Riccomi, Federica Abate, Barbara Casalgrandi, Benedetta Quattrini, Gianbattista Spagnoli, Letizia Reggianini and Oreste Capelli
Chapter 4 The Management of Dementia in Primary Care by Luc Pieter De Vreese, Luigi De Salvatore, Lara Rovesta and Andrea Fabbo
Chapter 5 Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in People Affected with Diabetes in Primary Care by Lucia Borsari, Monica Lorenzini, Silvia Riccomi, Valentina Solfrini, Marco Vinceti and Oreste Capelli
Chapter 6 Integrated Activities in Primary Care - Minor Surgery in Family Medicine by Jose Maria Arribas Blanco, Shabnan Habibi, Nuria Rodriguez Pata and Jose Ramon Castello Fortet
Chapter 7 Allergic Sensitization in Rhinitis and Asthma by Eleonora Savi, Silvia Peveri and Oreste Capelli


The development of the Chronic Care Model (CCM) for the care of patients with chronic diseases has focused on the integration of taking charge of the patient and his family within primary care. The major critical issues in the implementation of the CCM principles are the non-application of the best practices, defined by EBM guidelines, the lack of care coordination and active follow-up of clinical outcomes, and by inadequately trained patients, who are unable to manage their illnesses. This book focuses on these points: the value of an integrated approach to some chronic conditions, the value of the care coordination across the continuum of the illness, the importance of an evidence-based management, and the enormous value of the patients involvement in the struggle against their conditions, without forgetting the essential role of the caregivers and the community when the diseases become profoundly disabling.

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Keywords chronic disease, primary care, empowerment, self care of patient, Heart failure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, minor surgery, asthma, dementia
Publisher InTechOpen
ISBN 978-953-51-2400-9
Pages 172
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