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The Beginning and End of life: Moral Controversy

Author: Mallia, Pierre

Publication Year: 2002


1. Quality of Life
2. Reproductive Technologies
3. Parental Choices and Lessons from the Siamese twins case
4. Designing the perfect baby
5. Does prenatal diagnosis really discriminate against disabled people?
6. Selective nontreatment of congenitally
7. The abortion debate
8. The status of the embryo - Do we need a concept of parenthood?
9. Stem cell research
10. The reproductive technology document of the bioethics consultative committee
11. Euthanasia
12. Defining death
13. The Elderly
14. The Suffering Patient
15. The dying Patient
16. Transplantation document of the bioethics consultative committee

Format Print
Keywords abortion, death, sudden infant death, induced abortion, miscarriage, life events, fetal death, fetus
Publisher Publishers Enterprises Group Ltd
Classification life events
ISBN 999090331X
Pages 288
Categories: Books
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