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HSE National Wound Management Guidelines 2018

Author: HSE

Publication Year: 2018


Table of Contents
Part A: Guideline Recommendations
1. General Wound Care
2. Diabetic Foot Ulceration
3. Pressure Ulcers
4. Leg Ulceration
5. Palliative Wound Care
6. Wound Management Education
Part B: Guideline Development Cycle
1.0 Initiation
2.0 Guideline Development
3.0 Governance and Approval
4.0 Communication and Dissemination
5.0 Implementation
6.0 Monitoring, Audit and Evaluation
7.0 Revision/Update
8.0 References
9.0 Appendices
Appendix I: Epidemiology of Wounds
Appendix II: The Wound Healing Process
Appendix III: Wound Assessment Tool Examples
Appendix IV: Wound Exudate Descriptor Table
Appendix V: Wound Infection
Appendix VI: Aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT) Guide
Appendix VII: Dressing Selection Guides
Appendix VIII: Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury Classification (MARSI)
Appendix IX: Common Wound Care Product Allergens
Appendix X: Diabetic Foot Resources
Appendix XI: Pressure Ulcer Resources
Appendix XII: Leg Ulcer Resources
Appendix XIII: Malignant Fungating Wound Resources
Appendix XIV: Membership of the Guideline Review Group
Appendix XV: Conflict of Interest Form
Appendix XVI: Membership of the Approval Governance Group
Appendix XVII: Glossary
Appendix XVIII: Search Strategy
Appendix XIX: Copyright/Permissions Sought
Appendix XX: Approved Policies, Procedures, Protocols and Guidelines Checklist
Appendix XXI: Signature Sheet


This guideline aims to support all clinicians in the clinical decision making process in their wound care practice.

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