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Beyond Advice: 2. Developing Motivational Skills

Author: Bothelo, Rick

Publication Year: 2002


Permission to Reproduce
Personal Introduction
Introduction to the Book Series
Guide to this Book
Continuing professional development
How to use this Book

Section I. Design your Learning Plan
1. Set your Learning Goals
2. Select Educational Methods
3. Create a Learning Profile

Section II. Specific Behaviours
4a. Excessive Alcohol Use
4b. Reducing Alcohol Risk and Harm
5a. Tobacco Use
5b. Helping Resistant Smokers Quit
6a. Diabetes
6b. Facilitating Self-Care of Diabetes


Format Print
Keywords alcohol abuse, professional development, development, diabetes, tobacco, self care, self care of patient, self directed learning, learning
Publisher Motivate Healthy Habits
Classification learning
Edition 2nd Ed
Series Beyond Advice
Pages 206
Categories: Books
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