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Using Research in Primary Care: a workbook for health professionals

Author: Gillies, Alan

Publication Year: 2002


1. Introduction: what's good research?

Part One: Getting started
2. What is science?
3. The research development lifecycle
4. Identifying a research problem
5. The ethics of research
6. Literature review

Part two: Methods for quantitative research
7. Data analysis, random and control trials
8. Surveys and questionaire design
9. Sampling, validity and bias
10. Analysing your data

Part three: Methods for qualitative research
11. Overview of qualitative methods in research
12. A systematic approach to qualitative research
13. Design of a qualitative research study
14. Ethnography and grounded theory
15. Interview techniques
16. Open-ended questionnaires for qualitative analysis
17. Focus groups
18. A combined approach

Part four: Writing for research
19. How to write a research proposal
20. Writing a research report

21. Conclusions: evidence from research


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ISBN 1857759362
Pages 148
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