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A Future Together: building a better GP and Primary Care Service

Author: Trinity College Dublin; O'Dowd, T.; Ivers, J.; Handy, D.

Publication Year: 2017



Executive Summary
Part 1 Background and Context
1.1 Background
1.2 Main objective
1.3 Scope of the work
1.4 Definitions
1.5 How has general practice in Ireland changed?
1.6 How is general practice in Ireland viewed internationally?
1.7 How we measured primary medical care internationally
1.8 Feedback from patients and those who work with GPs
Part 2 International Evidence Review
2.1 International tables and commentary on comparisons
2.1.1 Spending on primary medical care internationally
2.1.2 IT practices and uses, data
2.1.3 Workforce
2.1.4 General practice training
2.1.5 Chronic disease management
2.1.6 Out-of-hours services
2.1.7 Scope and accessibility of general practice
2.2 Conversations with three key international experts
Part 3 National Evidence Review
3.1 Service users and service providers
3.2 Research methods
3.3 Interaction with GP services
3.4 GP and Consultant interviews
3.5 The view of Nurses
3.6 Pharmacists
3.7 The National Patient Forum focus group
3.8 Reallocation of selected funds from Hospital to GP
3.9 Review of current funding structures
3.10 GPs in training - vision of their future
Part 4 The Plenary
4.1 Feedback from Plenary discussion
4.2 Written feedback from Plenary
Part 5 Discussion and Conclusions
5.1 Discussion
5.2 Conclusions
5.3 The Challenge - To connect the pieces
Part 6 References


Minister for Health Simon Harris launched this report ‘A Future Together – Building a better GP and Primary Care Service’ on Monday 13th November 2017. This report will inform the development and planning of the new GP contract and will help the thinking required to provide a more patient-centred primary care service for patients and the healthcare system. The report was commissioned by the HSE’s Primary Care Division and was conducted by a team from Trinity College Dublin, led by Professor Tom O’Dowd, Emeritus Professor of General Practice who is also a practicing General Practitioner.

The key objectives of this report were; to conduct an international review of how primary care operates internationally with a focus on general practice; to carry out consumer research to provide an understanding of the patient experience of GP services and patient priorities, and finally; to do targeted qualitative interviews to get the views and insights of key individuals working in the wider healthcare system.

The report, presents a summary of the findings of an extensive stakeholder engagement process undertaken and an international review of the place of GP services. The report supports the shift to patient-centred primary care services in Ireland.

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