Revised Mental Health Commission Statutory forms

27 June 2019
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The Mental Health Commission has revised all of its Statutory forms. Forms 1 to 5 are the ones that are relevant to us in our roles as GPs referring patients for involuntary committal to hospital.

The changes are minor but there is now additional space on the form for the insertion of clinical data. Samples of the revised forms and an explanatory leaflet are attached.

The revised statutory forms shall come into effect from 12.01am on Monday 8 July 2019

The old statutory forms cannot be used after this date and it is recommended that you destroy any supply of the old forms you hold after that date.

The Mental Health Commission will no longer supply hard copies of the statutory forms to doctors. The forms can be downloaded, printed and copied from the Commission's website at

It is recommended you retain the Commissions web address as listed above for convenient access for future downloads of these statutory forms.

Email:, Tel: 01 6763705, Fax: 01 6765850
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