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Research Unit

Research queries

Please direct all research enquiries (including research ethics and research and education foundation grants) to:


The main aim of the ICGP research unit, under its Director Dr. Claire Collins, is to develop and support research and audits in general practice in a structured format. The ICGP Research Committee supports the programme through the provision of advice and direction. We aim to contribute to the knowledge base of general practice and to support evidence-based practice.

The ICGP Strategic Plan - Beyond 2020 - highlights the importance of research to its mandate and specifies the strategic aim to "actively support leadership, innovation and research." The associated action plan outlines the following activities:

  • Support the development of research skills, capacity and infrastructure in general practice
  • Develop a planned programme of primary care based research

Research projects currently underway in the ICGP

  • Heartwatch management and data analysis
  • Flu vaccination effectiveness study
  • Updated systematic review on "The effectiveness of educational interventions for primary care health professionals designed to improve self-management in patients with chronic conditions"
  • Audit on behalf of ICGP Retired GP Group
  • Audit template creation linked to e-learning and QIP guidelines
  • PHEMI project
  • MECC project
  • MECC education evaluation project
  • Partnership for Health Equity – HSYRI project to establish the health and health care needs of Syrian refugees
  • Familial Hypercholesterolemia – estimate of numbers and audit sample creation PECC systematic review update
  • Collaborator on UCD CUPID project
  • Participant in EU LESS study
  • Participant EU COMRAD Study
  • Collaborator on SURF project
  • HSE GP Clinical Leads data review
  • Research guidance preparation based on Data Protection Legislation 2018
  • Tallaght Hospital Suicide Course Evaluation
  • EGPRN Research Strategy Review project
  • Research Ethics Trainee Guidance Material Preparation
  • Collaborator with UCC on Dementia Strategy review
  • Collaborator with RCSI on pilot GP workload study

Statement regarding the use of our membership database for research purposes

  • In response to our members' request, the ICGP does not provide access to its membership database to any external organisation/individual for research or any other purpose. Only projects listed above are being conducted by/in collaboration with the ICGP.
  • The policy and usage terms of the online Find a GP service is clearly stated on our website and as such this list should not be used for research purposes unless the recipients have agreed in advance to receive the specific material.
  • If you have been approached to participate in a research project or external audit and wish to check if it has been approved by the ICGP Research Ethics Committee, you can do so by contacting

Members of the team

  • ICGP Director of Research: Dr Claire Collins
  • Chair of ICGP Research Committee: Prof Susan Smith
  • Chair of ICGP Research Ethics Committee: Dr Claire Collins
  • Research Assistants: Ivana Pericin and Conor Hammersley
  • Research Administrator: Colleen O Neil

Please direct all research enquiries (including research ethics and research and education foundation grants) to

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