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Publications involving ICGP research staff

The following is a list of publications involving ICGP research staff from 2018-2022 » read more

EGPRN Research Strategy for General Practice in Europe 2021

The ICGP Director of Research, Dr. Claire Collins, leads on the development of the European Research Strategy for General Practice. » read more

Finding a Future Path

Career Intentions of GP Trainees and Recent GP Graduates - Report of the 2019 Survey » read more

Making Every Consultation Count

In Ireland, 76% of all deaths are due to chronic diseases. A variety of lifestyle related risk factors represent some of the main causes of chronic diseases. » read more

Health Status of Syrian Refugees in Ireland

As a response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the Irish government has agreed to accept up to 4,000 refugees for resettlement in Ireland in the upcoming years. » read more

Sexual Health Services in Ireland: A Survey of General Practice

This report provides information on the provision of sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment services and contraception services by general practitioners (GPs) in Ireland. » read more

Gonorrhoea Diagnosis and Management in Primary Care in Ireland

Authors: Ms Marié T. O'Shea, Dr Miriam Daly and Dr Claire Collins » read more

ICGP Career Survey Report 2017

Is the face of Irish general practice changing? A survey of GP trainees and recent GP graduates 2017 » read more

Minor Surgery Accreditation Research Project

Authors: Ailís ní Riain and Claire Collins
Year: 2016 » read more

Domestic Violence During Pregnancy – GP Survey Report

Authors: Ms Marié T. O'Shea, Dr Claire Collins, Dr Ailís Ni Riain and Dr Miriam Daly » read more