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23 February 2017 (updated: 21 April 2023)
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Publications Involving ICGP Research Staff


  • Keyes B, McCombe G, Broughan J, Frawley T, Guerandel A, Gulati G, Kelly BD, Osborne B, O'Connor K, Cullen W. Enhancing GP care of mental health disorders post-COVID-19: a scoping review of interventions and outcomes. Ir J Psychol Med. 2023 Sep;40(3):470-486. doi: 10.1017/ipm.2022.17. Epub 2022 May 12. PMID: 35545971.
  • Emma Nicholson, Thérèse McDonnell, Ciara Conlon, Aoife De Brún, Edel Doherty, Claire Collins, Gerard Bury, Eilish McAuliffe. Factors that affect GP referral of a child with intellectual disability for a mild illness: A discrete choice experiment. J Appl Res Intellect Disabil. 2023;1–10.
  • O'Brien E, Walsh A, Boland F, Collins C, Harkins V, Smith S, O'Herlihy N, Clyne B, Wallace E. General practitioner preferences for, access to and use of evidence in clinical practice: a mixed methods study. BJGP Open. 2023 Jul 13:BJGPO.2023.0107. doi: 10.3399/BJGPO.2023.0107. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37442591.
  • O'Callaghan ME, Fawsitt R, Gao J, Broughan J, McCombe G, Phelan A, Quinlan D, Collins C, Stanley F, Cullen W. Irish general practitioner (GP) perspectives on impact of direct access radiology on patient care in the community: results from a mixed-methods study. Ir J Med Sci. 2023 Jun 24. doi: 10.1007/s11845-023-03419-1. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37354242.
  • Curran, TI., Scopes, J., Hanley, K. Collins, C., Coffey F. Trainees' perceptions of course quality in postgraduate General Practice training in Ireland. Ir J Med Sci (2023).
  • Thérèse McDonnell, Emma Nicholson, Gerard Bury, Claire Collins, Ciara Conlon, Aoife De Brún, Edel Doherty, Eilish McAuliffe.The role of contextual factors in decision-making by general practitioners on paediatric referral to the emergency department: A discrete choice experiment.Health Policy Vol 132 June 2023
  • Petrazzuoli F, Collins C, Van Poel E, Tatsioni A, Streit S, Bojaj G, Asenova R, Hoffmann K, Gabrani J, Klemenc-Ketis Z, Rochfort A, Adler L, Windak A, Nessler K, Willems S. Differences between Rural and Urban Practices in the Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Outcomes from the PRICOV-19 Study in 38 Countries. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023 Feb 19;20(4):3674. doi: 10.3390/ijerph20043674. PMID: 36834369; PMCID: PMC9958860.
  • Fomenko E, Keygnaert I, Van Poel E, Collins C, Gómez Bravo R, Korhonen P, Laine MK, Murauskiene L, Tatsioni A, Willems S. Screening for and Disclosure of Domestic Violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Results of the PRICOV-19 Cross-Sectional Study in 33 Countries. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023 Feb 16;20(4):3519. doi: 10.3390/ijerph20043519. PMID: 36834213; PMCID: PMC9964689.
  • Van Poel E, Collins C, Groenewegen P, Spreeuwenberg P, Bojaj G, Gabrani J, Mallen C, Murauskiene L, Šantrić Milićević M, Schaubroeck E, Stark S, Willems S. The Organization of Outreach Work for Vulnerable Patients in General Practice during COVID-19: Results from the Cross-Sectional PRICOV-19 Study in 38 Countries. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023 Feb 10;20(4):3165. doi: 10.3390/ijerph20043165. PMID: 36833862; PMCID: PMC9960761.
  • Collins C, Pericin I, Larkin J, Kiely B, Diaz E. Health status of Syrian refugees in Ireland - research and routine data informing service provision. Rural Remote Health. 2023 Jan;23(1):8119. doi: 10.22605/RRH8119. Epub 2023 Jan 10. PMID: 36802661.
  • Homeniuk R, O'Callaghan M, Casey M, Glynn L. GPs at the Edge: GATE, a qualitative investigation into the experience of delivering care in Irish Rural General Practice. Rural Remote Health. 2023 Jan;23(1):8133. doi: 10.22605/RRH8133. Epub 2023 Jan 10. PMID: 36802766.
  • Crowley D, Collins C, Cullen W, Harkin K, Homeniuk R, Delargy I. A mixed-methods evaluation of an Irish remote model of opioid substitution treatment. Rural Remote Health. 2023 Jan;23(1):8136. doi: 10.22605/RRH8136. Epub 2023 Jan 10. PMID: 36802647.
  • Parveen S, D'Aquin M, Porwol L, Collins C, O'Callaghan M, Vornhagen H, Garcia Pereira A, Vellinga A. Collaboration to reduce antibiotic use and resistance and identify opportunities for improvement and awareness (CARA). Rural Remote Health. 2023 Jan;23(1):8153. doi: 10.22605/RRH8153. Epub 2023 Jan 10. PMID: 36802796.
  • Stanley F, Homeniuk R, O'Callaghan M, Casey M, Collins C, Glynn L. GPs at the Edge: a quantitative description of Irish Rural General Practice. Rural Remote Health. 2023 Jan;23(1):8134. doi: 10.22605/RRH8134. Epub 2023 Jan 10. PMID: 36802668.
  • Clyne B, Hynes L, Kirwan C, et al. Perspectives on the production, and use, of rapid evidence in decision making during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative study. BMJ Evid Based Med. 2023;28(1):48-57. doi:10.1136/bmjebm-2021-111905
  • Teixeira F, Li E, Laranjo L, Collins C, Irving G, Fernandez MJ, Car J, Ungan M, Petek D, Hoffman R, Majeed A, Nessler K, Lingner H, Jimenez G, Darzi A, Jácome C, Neves AL. Digital maturity and its determinants in General Practice: A cross-sectional study in 20 countries. Front Public Health. 2023 Jan 13;10:962924. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2022.962924.
  • McAuliffe, E, Mulcahy Symmons, S, Conlon, C, et al. COVID-19 community assessment hubs in Ireland: a study of staff and patient perceptions of their value. Health Expect. 2023; 26: 119- 131. doi:10.1111/hex.13603
  • Glynn L, Murphy AW, Scully R, Strasser R, Quinlan D, Cowley J, Hayes P, O'Donnell P, O'Regan A, Tuli S, Santana MA, Sparrow-Downes VM, Petrazzuoli F, Nowlan S, Collins C, Fogarty F, MacFarlane A, Wynn-Jones J, Chater AB. The Limerick Declaration on Rural Health Care 2022. Rural and Remote Health 2023; 23: 7905.
  • Homeniuk R, Stanley F, Gallagher J, Collins C. Heartwatch: an Irish cardiovascular secondary prevention programme in primary care, a secondary analysis of patient outcomes. BMJ Open. 2023 Jan 4;13(1):e063811. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2022-063811.

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