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17 October 2019
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Preparing for Chronic Disease Management in General Practice Jan 2020 – Time to Get Coding!

Many of you will be aware of the revised GP contract for Chronic Disease Management that GPs can choose to enroll their patients in from January 2020.

The first phase of the revised contract will apply to structured care visits for patients over the age of 75 years.

Prior to the roll out of the programme, the ICGP will be engaging in regional meetings with the IMO in order to update GPs on how best to carry out these care visits.

In the meantime, we wish to encourage members to assign disease codes to the main disease entities in preparation for the commencement of the programme because it will assist you in identifying your relevant patient population.

The disease codes required when enrolling patients in the Chronic Disease Management programme will be ICD-10. These codes will be used to identify patients to be enrolled in the programme should you decide to participate.

It will help to start coding people with these conditions using the identified codes to facilitate easy identification and registration on the programme.

We have provided an example of how you may choose to code your patients, which we hope you find useful.

In addition, we have provided an enhanced coding example with typical clinical scenarios.

We will be providing further educational supports in the form of webinars, updated guidelines, podcasts, and an eLearning module in addition to the regional meetings. 

  • Dr Joe Gallagher, ICGP HSE Primary Care Lead for Integrated Care Programmes Cardiovascular
  • Dr Mark O'Kelly, ICGP HSE Primary Care Lead for Integrated Care Programmes COPD
  • Dr Diarmuid Quinlan, ICGP HSE Primary Care Lead for Integrated Care Programmes Diabetes
  • Dr Dermot Nolan, ICGP HSE Primary Care Lead for Integrated Care Programmes Asthma
  • Dr Tony Cox Medical, Director ICGP Medical Director


 Coding CDM Diseases (Coding_CDM_Diseases.pdf | 774 KB)


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