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Press release: EQuiP Patient Safety Conference

Manpower shortage and stress on family doctors to be highlighted at major patient safety conference in Dublin. » read more

ICGP warns of increasing exodus of family doctors as shortages grow

The ICGP has warned of a growing shortage of community-based family doctors unless urgent action is taken to attract and retain general practitioners. » read more

Irish family doctors support legalisation of cannabis for therapeutic use

A unique survey of Irish family doctors has found that the majority support the legalisation of cannabis for therapeutic use, but do not support the Government's policy on the decriminalisation of cannabis. » read more

General practice needs more resources to tackle ED crisis

The ICGP has expressed its concern at the latest crisis in the country's emergency departments in hospitals around the country. » read more

Vasco Da Gama Movement Research Awards 2017

Applications for the 2017 VdGM Research Awards are now open. » read more

ICGP announces the appointment of Mr Fintan Foy as CEO

Mr Foy will take up his role with the ICGP in February 2017 » read more

ICGP statement on HSE consultation and engagement process and online survey

The ICGP very much welcomes the HSE's desire to involve patients and service users in the organisation of healthcare services. » read more

Friday 18th November is World and European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD)

The goal of the European Antibiotic Awareness Day is to provide the participating countries with evidence-based tools, as well as technical and political support for their campaigns. » read more

Preferred antibiotics in primary care

In many cases in primary care, the preferred antibiotic is no antibiotic. » read more

Budget 2017 has failed to deliver for patients and Irish general practice

Budget 2017 has not addressed the issues raised by the Irish College of General Practitioners in its pre-Budget submission. » read more