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European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2015

There are 25,000 deaths in Europe each year from multi-drug resistant organisms. » read more

WONCA Europe 2015 Istanbul statement: Refugees should have access to equitable, affordable and high-quality health care services in all Europe

WONCA Europe firmly believes that every single human being has the right to peace and pleads for action for its achievement in Europe and the whole world. » read more

WONCA World Book of Family Medicine (European edition)

This document was published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of WONCA Europe in October 2015 in Istanbul and features contributions by ICGP staff members. » read more

Publication of 'Irish General Practice - Working with Deprivation'

New report from the ICGP presents scathing analysis of health inequality » read more

Call for new ideas for future ICGP courses and publications

Have you an idea for a course or publication that you, as a member, would like to see developed? If so, the College would like to hear from you. » read more

'It is dangerous to suggest that anti-depressants are not useful' - Irish Examiner article

ICGP response to recently published comments made by clinical psychologist Dr Declan Ahern. » read more

ICGP pre-Budget submission 2015

In its 2016 pre-Budget submission, the ICGP calls for investment to stem GP emigration, and support rural general practice and areas of deprivation. » read more

Report on 2015 national survey of GP trainees and recent GP graduates

Bridging the gap – How GP trainees and recent graduates identify themselves as the future Irish general practice workforce » read more

Launch of 'ICGP vision for the future of Irish rural general practice'

The ICGP published on Monday 28 September a comprehensive analysis of the issues affecting rural general practice. » read more

Survey: The future of Irish general practice - how do you see it?

What needs to be done to support GPs to make general practice viable in Ireland? » read more