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ICGP address to the Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Healthcare

On Wednesday 28 September 2016, the ICGP addressed the Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Healthcare. » read more

ICGP to appear before the Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Healthcare

The ICGP has been invited to present to the Committee on chronic disease management on Wednesday 28 September at 11am. » read more

ICGP/HSE guide to referring patients abroad under the EU Cross Border Directive

This guide advises ICGP members in relation to the introduction of the Cross Border Directive (CBD) which allows patients access care in another EU/EEA jurisdiction, which the patient would have been entitled to in Ireland, but wishes for one reason or another, to access care abroad, and to be reimbursed for that care by the HSE. » read more

ICGP Pre-budget Submission 2017

The ICGP published its pre-budget submission on Wednesday 31 August 2016. » read more

College meeting with Minister for Health Simon Harris

On Wednesday 24 August 2016, representatives from the College met with Minister for Health, Mr Simon Harris TD, at the Department of Health. » read more

Defending your electronic patient records against Ransomware

Malicious computer code called 'Ransomware' is active in the business community, including general practice. » read more

HRT and breast cancer risk has hit the headlines again

How should we explain this recent study to our patients? Read an analysis by an ICGP expert and opinions from the RCOG and BMS. » read more

ICGP submission on behalf of members to the Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Healthcare

'General Practice is the Key to Sustainable Healthcare' » read more

HSE Community Health Organisation (CHO) Implementation Programme - GP Lead Role Development

In the autumn, a series of workshops will be convened by the HSE in each CHO (Community Health Organisation), which all GPs are invited to participate. » read more

Call for new ideas for future ICGP courses and publications (members only)

Have you an idea for a course or publication that you, as a member, would like to see developed? If so, the College would like to hear from you. » read more