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ICGP Curriculum

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Who will use the new curriculum?

This curriculum has been designed for use by all general practitioners. GP trainees and educators involved in GP training will use this to guide their learning as they move towards certification of satisfactory completion of specialist training (CSCST). The curriculum provides an educational infrastructure for most of the college's education and learning courses. It is intended that those designing continuing medical education (CME) activities will find the revised curriculum very helpful.

How has the curriculum changed between 2016 and 2019?

The learning outcomes of 2016 have been brought forward, with a handful of minor changes to reflect the evolving changes in Primary Care in Ireland, such as the termination of pregnancy act. Also some duplications were removed and formatting corrected. A new standardised coding system has been implemented for both reflective questions and learning outcomes. Where areas of the curriculum have been poorly answered in assessments it has been flagged within the curriculum chapters. Resources have been standardised; ICGP, external, self-assessment and community generated resources.

How has the curriculum changed since 2006 and 2016?

The 2016 contains all the learning outcomes of the 2006 curriculum and some new ones in a reformatted way. There are case scenarios and reflective questions to prompt an individual's learning. Their use will facilitate discussion about the topic and serve as a context for learning.

What about the old (2006 and 2016) curriculum?

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The old curricula will remain available for use. The 2016(/2019) curriculum will be introduced in a phased process to facilitate examinations as outlined here.

Curriculum development project stages

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