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GP Trainees

LARC education training options for GP trainees

A. Before beginning your training in LARC

  1. Please note that the Certificate in Contraception is a prerequisite for the Advanced Certificate in LARC, hence it is advised that all doctors considering LARC training ensure that they have an up to date Certificate in Contraception. The Certificate in Contraception is awarded by the ICGP Reproductive and Sexual Health Committee. It is a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Training in Contraception.
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  2. Experience in passing speculum and in bimanual vaginal examination. If is essential that prior to gaining training in LARC insertion that you are experienced in the above skills. Candidates hoping to train in LARC insertions in general practice should ideally have experience with the above skills in the general practice setting. 

B. How to train in LARC

Please choose from the options below the option most suited to your level of experience:

  1. GP trainee with a LARC tutor in their practice. Your LARC tutor can provide your training and complete your Advanced Certificate in LARC. You must keep a log of observed and supervised insertions/removals.
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  2. GP trainee without a LARC tutor in their practice. We recognise that some GP trainees may not have access to a LARC tutor in their practice or locality during their 3rd and 4th year. It is recommended that you contact your training programme director if you are having difficulty finding a LARC tutor. You may ask a GP/LARC tutor in your local area to train you and complete your Advanced Certificate, if available.
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