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03 November 2015
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Q. Our practice wants to improve our coding of diseases in our GP software system; does GPIT recommend using ICD 10 codes or ICPC-2 code system?

A. For coding of common diseases in general practice, ICPC-2 is sufficient. If you are getting down to very granular levels of detail or involved in a specific area of research, then you will need the finer detail of ICD 10. Here are the ICPC-2 codes for some common diseases:

  • Asthma R96
  • Non-insulin dependent diabetes T90
  • Heart failure K77
  • Epilepsy N88
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease R95

There are resources available on the GPIT website to assist with disease coding. Go to and look at the 'How To' leaflets for a description of how to code a disease and retrieve patients with that disease in the software systems. And if you look under 'Publications & Reports' you will find a two-page, colour-coded list of ICPC-2 codes.