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08 October 2019
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Q. Can you recommend an app to keep up to date with medications and hospital appointments? I have responsibility for this while caring for my elderly parents.

Yes, I would recommend Jinga-Life.

In most families, there is usually someone who is responsible for everyone else's health matters (Mum usually!), who takes on the responsibilities for keeping track of clinic appointments, changes in medications and even getting copies of radio-logical investigations for external clinics.

Named after Jinga, the 17th century Queen of Angola who cared for and looked after her people, Jinga-Life is a free Irish app available to download on iOS and Android.

The app provides the platform to control all the day-to-day health tasks undertaken in the family. You can even include the pets to make sure they are up to date with their vaccinations.

It can be utilised on all electronic devices like phones, tablets, laptops and watches, updating all changes and additions automatically across all devices. Health records can be stored securely and the app is fully GDPR compliant. Jinga-Life is easy to use and aims to take the stress out of managing your own health matters and those of your family. For more information, visit