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Professional Development in general practice

Author: Pendleton, David; Hasler, John

Publication Year: 1997


List of contributors
Part I
1. The need for professional development
2. Professional development in general practice

Part II
3. Shaping the future with strategic planning workshops
4. Learning consultation skills
5, Joint working; learning from experts
6. Using a facilitator
7. Peer review through practice visits
8. Portfolio-based learning
9. Quality improvement
10. GP mentors - learning through counselling
11. Specialty liaison groups

Part III
12. Professional development in the new NHS
13. A blueprint for the future

Format Print
Keywords quality of nursing practice, quality of patient care, quality, quality assurance, quality assurance in health services, quality assurance in nursing, quality control, quality of nursing, quality of nursing management
Publisher Oxford University Press
Classification quality
ISBN 0192625322
Series Oxford General Practice series
Pages 175
Categories: Books
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