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Title Author Year Format
Oxford Handbook of General Practice Simon, Chantal; Everitt, Hazel; van Dorp, Francoise 2005 Print
Medical education in the millennium Jolly, Brian; Rees, Lesley (eds) 2003 Print
A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth Enkin, Murray; Keirse, Marc J.N.C.; Neilson, James; Crowther, Caroline; Duley, Lelia; Hodnett, Ellen; Hofmeyr, Justus 2000 Print
Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects Cox, R.A.F. (Eds.);Edwards, F.C.; Palmer; K. 2000 Print
Women's Health Fourth Edition McPherson, Ann; Waller, Deborah (eds);Oxford General Practice Series 1997 Print
Professional Development in general practice Pendleton, David; Hasler, John 1997 Print
Professional Education for General Practice Havelock, Peter; Hasler, John; Flew, Richard; McIntyre, Donald; Schofield, Theo; Toby, John;Oxford General Practice Series 1995 Print
Medical Audit in Primary Health Care Lawrence, Martin; Schofield, Theo;Oxford General Practice Series 1993 Print
Complementary Medicine New Approaches to Good Practice British Medical Association 1993 Print
The Pill Guillebaud, John 1991 Print
Prescribing in Primary Care Hobbs, Richard; Bradley, Colin 1988 Print
International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC) Lamberts, Henk; Wood, Maurice;WONCA 1987 Print
An Introduction to the Psychotherapies: Second Edition Bloch, Sidney 1986 Print
A Textbook of Family Medicine McWhinney, Ian R 1981 Print
An Introduction to Family Medicine Mc Whinney, Ian R. 1981 Print
Manual Of Primary Health Care: Its Nature and Organisation Pritchard, Peter;Foreword by Vessey, M. P. 1981 Print
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