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Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects

Author: Cox, R.A.F. (Eds.);Edwards, F.C.; Palmer; K.

Publication Year: 2000


1. Introduction - R.A.F. Cox and F.C. Edwards (with an appendix by D. Black)
2. Legal aspects of fitness for work - G. Howard
3. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 - R.A.F. Cox and G. Howard
4. Vocational rehabilitation services - M. Floyd and D. Landymore
5. Ethics for occupational physicians - D.S. Wright
6. Neurological disorders - R. Willcox and F.B. Gibberd
7. Psychiatric disorders - J. Kearns and M. Lipsedge
8. Epilepsy - I. Brown and S.D. Shorvon
9. Vision and eye disorders - P.A.M. Diamond and G. Munton
10. Hearing and vestibular disorders - C.M. Jones and K.B. Hughes
11. Spinal disorders - E. Macdonald and I. Haslock
12. Orthopaedics - A. Ross and I. Nugent
13. Trauma - D. Snashall and B. Povlsen
14. Rheumatological disorders - C. English and H.A. Bird
15. Gastrointestinal and liver disorders - C. Astbury and R. J. Wyke
16. Diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disorders - E. Waclawski and G. Gill
17. Haematological disorders - A.L. Fingret and P.M. Emerson
18. Cardiovascular disorders - P.J. Baxter and M.C. Petch
19. Respiratory disorders - K. Palmer and S. Pearson
20. Renal and urological disorders - J. Hobson and R. Gokal
21. Obstetrics and gynaecology - L.H. Kapadia and P. Owen
22. Surgery - M. Samuel and I. McColl
23. Dermatology - N.F. Davies and R. J. G. Rycroft
24. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) - A. Cockroft and P. Griffiths
25. Alcohol and drug misuse - G. Smith and C.C.H. Cook
26. Medication - I.G. Rennie and G.T. McInnes
27. Work and the older employee - W.J.A. Goedhard
Appendix 1 Driving: standards of fitness required for British driving licence holders and applicants - P.A.M. Diamond
Appendix 2 Civil aviation - K. Edgington
Appendix 3 Medical standards for entry into the merchant navy and for serving seafarers - P.A.M. Diamond
Appendix 4 Fitness for work offshore and in commercial diving - N.K.I. McIver and D. Bracher
Appendix 5 General aspects of fitness for work overseas - R.A.F. Cox
Appendix 6 Ill health retirement guidance - K.J. Pilling and P.A. Wynn
Appendix 7 Addresses and contact details
Appendix 8 Abbreviations

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Keywords occupational medicine, general practice
Publisher Oxford University Press
Classification occupational medicine
Edition 3rd Ed.
ISBN 0192630431
Pages 618
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