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Title Author Year Format
ICGP Annual Report 2012 ICGP 2013 Download
HCAI/AMR Newsletter Dec 2013: Updated antimicrobial prescribing guidance O'Connor, Nuala Dr. 2013 Download
HCAI/AMR Newsletter Sept 2013: Influenza in residential care: Prevention and management O'Connor, Nuala Dr. 2013 Download
HCAI/AMR Newsletter May 2013: Antibiotic consumption in the community in Ireland O'Connor, Nuala Dr. 2013 Download
HCAI/AMR Newsletter Mar 2013: Clostridium difficile: What GPs need to know about managing known or suspected cases in the community setting Fitzpatrick, Fidelma Dr.; O'Connor, Nuala Dr. 2013 Download
A Moderated Negotiation of a Practice Succession: Reaping the Harvest or Sowing the Seeds? ICGP Winter Meeting 2013 Coughlan, Michael Dr.; Sloane, Peter Dr.; Duffy, Stephanie 2013 Presentation
Keynote Lecture: Free GP Care and Universal Health Insurance: The Right Health Reform in the Right Way? ICGP Winter Meeting 2013 Burke, Sara Dr. 2013 Presentation
ENT for GPs: ICGP Winter Meeting 2013 O'Connor, Tony 2013 Presentation
A European Perspective on Establishing General Practice: ICGP Winter Meeting 2013 Sloane, Peter Dr.; Kirk, Ulrik 2013 Presentation
The day is dawning: How to prepare psychologically for retirement: Sunsetters Workshop: ICGP Winter Meeting 2013 Doyle, Rita Dr. 2013 Presentation
Work Life Balance: How do others do it? ICGP Winter Meeting 2013 Rochfort, Andree Dr. 2013 Presentation
ICGP Yearbook and Diary 2014 ICGP 2013 Download
MICGP Q&A: ICGP NAGPT 2013 Cox, Tony Dr. 2013 Presentation
Women's Health in General Practice: ICGP NAGPT 2013 Daly, Miriam Dr. 2013 Presentation
Research and Audit in the ICGP - What Trainees should know about: ICGP NAGPT 2013 Collins, Claire Dr. 2013 Presentation
Headache and Migraine management in General Practice: ICGP NAGPT 2013 O'Sullivan, Edward Dr. 2013 Presentation
The role of the GP in Eating Disorders: ICGP NAGPT 2013 O'Dea, Sinead Dr. 2013 Presentation
Getting Accepted for Conference Presentation: ICGP NAGPT 2013 Collins, Claire Dr.; Sinnott, Carol 2013 Presentation
Electronic Disease Surveillance Annual Report 2012-2013 Joyce, Michael;ICGP 2013 Download
ICGP Annual Report 2013 ICGP 2013 Download

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