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Message from the Honorary Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee 

Dear Colleague, 

The Board and Council of the College are very mindful of the ongoing challenges facing general practice and particularly the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Finance Committee has endeavoured to reflect this in its policies, including the decision not to change the membership annual subscription for 2021. Subscription fees have now remained unchanged since 2013.

You will have received an email notification advising that your annual subscription to the College for 2021 has become due.

As a member you may access, view and pay your annual invoice online.

Over 50% of members pay by direct debit and I would encourage all members to pay by Direct Debit. This enables your subscription payment to be made on a monthly or quarterly basis at no extra cost.

The monthly debit for the full subscription rate is €89.33 per month. A direct debit mandate may be downloaded from your online membership invoice or you may contact Ms. Annette Elebert, Membership Administrator directly ( 01-6763705.

A schedule of membership subscription rates and categories is provided here.

The subscription categories reflect the different needs of members and a member may apply for a change of subscription category as his/her circumstances change. However, changes to your subscription category must be applied for before 31st May 2021 but may not be backdated.

In order to ensure equity to all, members are requested to pay their annual subscription in full by 31st May 2021. 

Please note the College will continue to facilitate any member who may find themselves in financial difficulties. In this regard members are encouraged to contact the College by email to Ms. Annette Elebert, Membership Administrator at

Thank you for your continued support of your College. 

Dr Liam Twomey
Chairman Finance Committee,
Honorary Treasurer

15 December 2020