Clinical Audit

1 audit per year (minimum)

In terms of clinical audit the following is a simple guide and the ICGP shall provide more specific guidance and tools for clinical audit in general practice. Audit activities should be focused on the practice of the practitioner and not on the processes. Examples of types of activities can include:

Clinical Audit Toolkit

2 guides on clinical audit are available to download below:

  1. ICGP Audit Toolkit
  2. ICGP Short Guide to Audit

Sample Audits

Clinical Audit Video Presentation

This presentation was delivered at the ICGP Winter Meeting in November 2011. The aim of the presentation is to give you an overview of audit and to provide you with some practical advice for the purpose of your professional competence audit requirements.

Click here for the presentation in video format.

Click here for the presentation in PDF format.

Useful Links

GPIT Resources: Using Practice Software to Carry Out an Audit

One of the key requirements for GPs in order to maintain professional competence with the Medical Council is the completion of a practice audit. Practice management software can assist greatly in this regard especially if the GP has been coding diseases correctly. Even if this has not been done, it is still possible to use the software to identify suitable patients in other ways. Below are instructions for GPs on how to identify patients for an audit project using the main software packages provided by users of these systems:


 How to Conduct a Search for ICPC Codes Using Socrates (How_to_conduct_a_search_for_ICPC_codes_Using_Socrates.pdf | 256 KB)
 Using Helix Practice Manager to Carry out a Practice Audit (Using_Helix_Practice_Manager_to_carry_out_a_practice_audit.pdf | 181 KB)
 Using Socrates to Carry out a Practice Audit (Using_Socrates_to_carry_out_a_practice_audit.pdf | 466 KB)
 Using Health One to Carry out a Practice Audit (Using_Health_One_to_carry_out_a_practice_audit.pdf | 501 KB)
 Audit of Data Protection and Information Management (Audit_of_Data_Protection_and_Information_Management_060613.pdf | 187 KB)
 Audit Workshop (Podcast_Presentation.pdf | 460 KB)