Frequently Asked Questions - GP Training

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As a newly qualified trainee, what are my Professional Competence requirements?

Once you complete your training you have 30 days to enroll on a Professional Competence Scheme (PCS). » read more

Can I, as a GP trainee, do locum work?

As a GP trainee, you are required to be registered on the trainee specialist division of the Medical Council register. » read more

Does the ICGP have a GP trainee grievance policy document?

Yes, the ICGP has a GP trainee grievance policy document relating to educational issues. » read more

ICGP Membership

GP training schemes notify the ICGP of trainees that have been nominated for Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST). » read more

Is the MICGP qualification recognised abroad?

Under EU Directive 2005/36 doctors who hold the MICGP qualification (obtained by the completion of a four year GP training scheme in Ireland, accredited by the ICGP and by passing all modules of the MICGP exam), are eligible to work in the state schemes of other EU countries, including the UK. » read more

Is there a fund that I can claim from for fees towards profession exams, i.e. membership?

Yes, there is a Clinical Courses and Examination Refund Scheme for NCHDs. » read more

Medical Council Registration

All GP trainees must ensure that they are on the correct register during their four year training. Trainees are required to be on the Trainee Specialist Division of the register. » read more

Out of Hours Requirements

Note: The following principles were adopted by PGTC in relation to OOH » read more

Specialist funding for 3rd and 4th year trainees

Specialist funding for 3rd and 4th year trainees
The next deadline for the submission of claims with appropriate supporting documentation is 6 March 2018. » read more

What are the requirements for trainees taking an approved period out of training?

Doctors who are in a specialist training programme in Ireland leading to a Certificate of Specialist Doctor (basic or higher specialist training) who are taking period out of clinical programme approved by their training committee are NOT required to register for a Professional Competence Scheme. » read more

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