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03 October 2019
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I live in fear of making a mistake since I received two complaints from two different patients within a short time period. I don't really want to discuss this with work colleagues. Where can I get support from?

Follow-up with GPs who have called the ICGP Doctors health in practice helpline have said that they found 1:1 counselling helpful, some of which they accessed through the ICGP Doctors health in practice Programme. Some GPs feel they benefit from talking with other GPs who have experienced complaints from patients, or adverse events at work. The ICGP doctors health programme has facilitated a series of workshops at ICGP events in recent years on the theme of coping with an adverse event in the practice, during which GPs share the impact on them personally and professionally of a medical error or complaint and learn from other colleagues how these work stresses can be managed. Further workshops on this topic can be arranged if sufficient expressions of interest are received.