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IT FAQs - Email

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Closing email accounts

Q. One of my email accounts delivers lots of spam and malware to my inbox. How do I close an email account? » read more

Email Overload

Q. How can I control the amount of email I get? It threatens to swamp me. » read more

Email spam and how to avoid it

Q. I get lots of unwanted emails from companies, offering me this and that. Usually I have done some business with them in the past, but they are cluttering up my inbox. Help please. » read more

Email with your own domain name

Q. I am wondering what is the best way to set up email addresses with a personalised domain name eg. » read more

Email within the practice

Q. We are a four centre practice and we all have work email accounts with gmail. Can the admin staff email the practice manager with name and date of birth of patients saying they have signed a combined antenatal form? Can we use patient names in our correspondence with each other? » read more

Emailing patients

Q. When is it appropriate to use email with patients? » read more

Gmail in the afterlife

Q. Who can access my web email account after I die? » read more

Hacked Gmail account

Q. I have received strange emails recently from GPs whose Gmail accounts were hacked. How can I prevent this happening? » read more


Be careful that patient information is not 'being checked' indoctor's Healthmail accounts » read more

Keeping spam out of your inbox

Q. I regularly delete lots of unwanted emails but every week they are back in my inbox. Have you any tips to avoid this? » read more

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