13 March 2014
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Q. My mother is in her 70s and her old Windows desktop is painfully slow and causing problems. Any advice on a replacement computer for her? She mainly uses it for email, internet and photos.

A. Before you embark on the purchase of a desktop or laptop, could I suggest you consider buying an iPad in the first instance? In my extended family, lots of the older generation get much more use out of their iPads than laptops or desktops. Easy to use, no crashes, no support needs. Works like a dream for email and internet and Skype, and great for both taking and receiving photos. Great for sitting by the fire, or at the kitchen table, or in bed. The only thing the iPad falls down on is the ability to print, so you may still need an old computer at home to print a boarding pass or something similar. Or you can invest in an iOS
enabled wireless printer and print directly from the iPad. Other makes of tablet computer could do the trick, but the iPad is the most user-friendly and has the widest selection of apps.

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