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Requirements for Certification 2022

View the General Practice Software Management Systems Requirements for Certification 2022 (PDF, 1.3M » read more

Use of Email in General Practice

Email is an important, useful and convenient method of communication. However, in a general practice setting, there are specific issues to consider. » read more

Upgrading your Practice Phone Systems

In discussing the topic of phone systems in GP surgeries, many will say that if it is not broken then do not fix it. Many practices are using outdated, expensive telephone systems. In the past few months, there have been reports that GP phone systems have broken down and have had to be replaced. » read more

IT Security for Irish General Practice

Having a functioning computer network system has become a requirement for modern General Practice to operate efficiently. The purpose of this document is to assist you (the GP) in ensuring that any needed steps are taken to maximize the safety and productivity of your network » read more

Requirements for Accreditation 2018

The Requirements for Accreditation 2018 examines the functionality in GP Practice Software Systems related to eReferrals, Maternal and Newborn discharge summaries and support for Individual Health Identifiers. » read more

Healthmail Evaluation Report 2017

Healthmail Evaluation Report, research by the ICGP on the secure clinical email service of the HSE. » read more

Clinical Information Systems for Nursing Homes: the Requirements of General Practitioners

Created with GPs who have an interest in nursing home care, this document details the GP requirements for a nursing home information system. » read more

List of ICPC-2 Codes

As featured in the ICGP webinar on 15 January 2013 » read more

Information Leaflet on Practice Websites

Information Leaflet on Practice Websites
April 2012. » read more

Clinical Disease Coding and Classification: A Guide for General Practitioners

A classification system groups concepts together for a specific purpose. » read more